InSilicoTrials is an emerging startup founded in 2018 by a team of life science, cybersecurity and digital innovation experts, which aims to revolutionize Healthcare through an innovative digital simulation platform, where complex computational simulations run in an easy and cost-effective way to hyper- accelerate drug & medical device development.

The platform primarily targets users from the medical devices and pharmaceutical sectors. The in silico tools available for medical devices enable computational testing in different biomedical areas like radiology, orthopedics, and cardiovascular during product design, development and validation processes. For the pharmaceutical sector, the platform provides access to in silico tools developed at all stages of the drug discovery and development processes and for many different therapeutic areas.

The in silico technology can increase the quality of life of millions of patients by allowing cheaper treatments, bringing innovative drugs to the market in a shorter time, together with personalized cures and new solutions for rare diseases.