Global Action Alliance


Global Action Alliance (GAA) is an artificial intelligence and data analytics company serving the life science industry.  GAA’s first product is Life Science WISE-R, is a novel AI platform that aggregates, analyzes, and dynamically presents global data in one powerful dashboard; customized to your strategy.
WiSE-R is an innovative, one-stop-shop platform that enables the aggregation, housing, presentation, and querying, of large volume of data, while maintaining logical relationships within and in-between topics, in the life science. WISE-R platform facilitates extracting and analyzing quality information to expedite informed decisions in pharma/biotech, medical practices, research studies, and public health policymaking.
The WISE-R dashboards are customized as the nimbleness in design to be crafted based on the client’s requirements and populated with internationally validated data from quality sources. Our unique algorithms ensure exceptional analysis that helps answer our client’s complex questions. Our clients see all the data and options in one place and to easily compare and thus greatly reducing research effort and informing strategy