EVAX Inc. provides emulsion adjuvants that mimic clinically proven formulations sustainably and without limits. Squalene, the oil in emulsion adjuvants, is historically harvested from shark liver oil which is undesirable due to environmental and purity concerns. The EVAX engineered yeast can produce squalene at >99.6% purity. For partners and customers seeking a proprietary advantage, we also offer the squalene isomer, botryococcene at the same purity.

These yeast-derived oils have demonstrated preclinical efficacy when formulated into emulsion adjuvants (EVAX-S containing squalene and EVAX-B containing botryococcene) in combination with a split viron influenza vaccine. EVAX-S and EVAX-B immunized mice exhibited serum antibodies and hemagglutination inhibition titers equivalent to other shark-sourced adjuvant controls. EVAX-S has also been evaluated with a SARS-CoV-2 recombinant antigen, where it demonstrated equivalency to shark-derived oil emulsion adjuvants. No reactogenic phenotypes were observed, indicating the safety of EVAX adjuvants. Stability studies have shown stable emulsion particles for at least two years.

This technology is built on IP exclusively licensed from the University of Kentucky by EVAX Inc. and its parent company, Enepret Inc. EVAX-S production is scaling under GMP conditions for applications in human pharmaceuticals. The company is seeking partnerships for deployment of its GMP oils and adjuvants in 2024.