Duke-NUS Medical School


The Viral Research and Experimental Medicine Centre @ SingHealth Duke-NUS (ViREMiCS) is part of the SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre. Specializing in arboviruses like dengue and Zika virus as well as other emerging pathogens, ViREMiCS aims to accelerate the clinical translation of vaccines and therapeutics by working with academia and industry partners to validate and apply molecular endpoints of safety and immunogenicity. ViREMiCS has established a toolkit of ISO-accredited assays that measure conventional vaccine trial endpoints like binding and neutralizing antibody titres, and T-cell response post-vaccination. These assays are tightly integrated with ISO-validated workflows for genomic and proteomic profiling to identify molecular endpoints that are predictive of vaccine safety and immunogenicity. Collectively, ViREMiCS proposes a seamless framework which encompasses adaptive clinical trial design and application of molecular endpoints for safety and immunogenicity to generate a high quality evidence base for regulatory decision making to support vaccine licensure.