CHIMunomics Ltd.


CHIMunomics aims at intelligent design and cGMP-like production of human challenge agents. The founders of CHIMunomics have significant experience in making high quality challenge agents, successfully manufacturing an influenza A H3N2 (A/Belgium/4217/2015 (H3N2) and an RSV challenge inoculum (RSV-NICA) for commercial usage as well as decades of experience in the infectious disease prophylactics and therapeutics industry. CHIMunomics aims to coordinate the manufacture of benchmark challenge agents both for single use proof-of-concept and efficacy studies and for basic research, such as correlates of protection or contagion, without unnecessary commercial or academic restrictions. Such agents will be available for manufacture and/or sale to whoever is qualified and authorised to perform human challenge trials.
CHIMunomics stands for the design, manufacture and sale of high-quality cGMP strains to commercial companies and academia consortia alike.
The clinical trials market from infectious disease segment accounted for USD 5.3 Billion in 2021 owing to growing prevalence of infectious diseases such as coronaviridae, bacterial meningitis, influenza, and T.B. In addition, increasing investment in R&D for novel infectious disease treatments is contributing to growth of this segment. CHIMunomics offers consultancy services to better understand this expanding market as well as assistance in the design, performance and interpretation of data from clinical trials to advance vaccines and drugs through the pre-clinical and clinical development pathway.
CHIMunomics can assist and advise every step of the way in your ID drug and vaccine development programme