CHIMunomics Ltd.


CHIMunomics Ltd. is an infectious disease, clinical trial design and data analysis consultancy that also aims to provide intelligent design and cGMP-like production of human challenge agents. The founders of CHIMunomics have significant experience in both clinical trial strategies, design and operations as well as in making high quality challenge agents. CHIMunomics Ltd. Underpinned the successfully manufacture of an influenza A H3N2 (A/Belgium/4217/2015 (H3N2) and an RSV challenge inoculum (RSV-NICA) for commercial usage and have several decades of experience in the infectious disease prophylactics and therapeutics industry. CHIMunomics stands for quality clinical trial data through better design and improved challenge modelling via the manufacture and sale of high-quality cGMP strains to commercial companies and academia consortia alike.

CHIMunomics can assist and advise every step of the way in your ID drug and vaccine development programme.