Certimmune delivers global immunology testing services to vaccine and immunotherapy manufacturers for their phased clinical trials.
Certimmune’s global immunology services are brought to you by Oxford Immunotec, a PerkinElmer company. Oxford Immunotec has been a pioneer in the development of more reliable, high throughput, standardized tests for measuring the adaptive immune system. Certimmune is built on the foundations of Oxford Immunotec’s nearly 20 years’ experience in this area.
Our teams can help with your T and B cell immunoassay needs from start to finish of your clinical trials, including:
  • Assay design, development, and validation
  • High-volume testing implementation and operations
  • Data interpretation and reporting
  • Regulatory responses and quality management
  • Global partner lab onboarding and monitoring
  • Sample cryopreservation and long-term storage for later interrogation