Calder Biosciences Inc.


Calder is creating a new generation of subunit vaccines to protect against life-threatening diseases. Subunit vaccines often lack conformational stability, and hence have limited potency and shelf-life.  Our 3D-Vaxlock® platform technology generates vaccines with superior conformational stability, and hence superior safety & efficacy, at lower cost of goods; enables use of multi-dose vials, stockpiling, and novel composition of matter IP.

Calder's lead program is an RSV vaccine, and its follow-on program is a Universal Flu vaccine.  Both programs have good patent protection

The regulatory pathway for RSV subunit vaccines is progressing with the Phase 3 successes of GSK's and Pfizer's 1st generation RSV programs — that nonetheless still leave ample room for improvement.  Calder’s 2nd generation RSV vaccine program is performing best-in-class in preclinical testing (9.4X higher neutralizing Ab titers and much better stability than the industry standard), is ready for transition into the clinic, and is well positioned to compete in a space where superior technical data drives up-take and improves protection.