Boltzmann Labs


Boltzmann Labs is recreating preclinical drug discovery by reimagining the conventional discovery worklows with an AI-irst approach to automate, optimize, and accelerate drug discovery. and in the process reduce the risk, time, and costs involved. Our vision is to lead the tech-enabled drug discovery, taking Indian innovation to the global arena.

We present the Boltzmann AI drug discovery suite that caters to all the problems of the Drug discovery process. Boltzmann Labs has developed tools such as:

  • ●  BoltBio - for drug target, biomarker identiication, and multi-omics research

  • ●  BoltChem - for small molecule design

  • ●  BoltPro - for protein engineering

  • ●  ReBolt - for synthesis planning

  • ●  ClinBolt - for clinical trial design and management.

    We plan to connect all our platforms with automated robotic synthetic and biology labs to reduce the error rate and time taken in the synthesis and testing. All our products being AI-centric are driven by generative AI, reinforcement learning, and active learning to discover eficient drugs.

    Our product BoltBio helps solve the most crucial step in the biologics discovery process of target identiication and validation. Our protein engineering platform BoltPro can help design novel biologics and optimize existing therapies by providing novel solutions for, target structure prediction and epitope deinition, diversity generation and screening, Humanization and engineering of biologics Property prediction and optimization.

    Our work is showing great potential in identifying new biologics such as therapeutic antibodies, vaccines, and peptides against cancer, ibrosis, and other diseases.