Beth Bioinformatics Co., Ltd


Beth Bioinformatics (BethBio) is a Hong Kong biotech start-up that develops state-of-the art technologies to empower the development of new and better vaccines. Utilizing virology, AI and computational biology, BethBio provides a series of innovating bioinformatics solutions to pharmaceutical companies, including virus evolution prediction for SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza, antigen design, vaccine effectiveness (VE) estimation in-silico, codon optimization, epitope screening and more. 
These technologies can be applied to any vaccine platform and help clients build vaccine products that more effectively covers mutated pathogens and have higher VE. They can also be used to enhance multiple aspects of vaccine development such as candidate discovery, protein expression, and clinical trial designs. 
BethBio is a member of Johnson & Johnson Innovation JLABS @Shanghai and Hong Kong Science and Technology Park – Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund Asia co-incubation programme. We are working closely with pharmaceutical companies, including several new vaccine co-development projects. Led by its founders, professors from the Chinese University of Hong Kong Medicine Faculty, BethBio will continue to do research, innovate and deliver the most cutting-edge solutions to its clients.