BCGene was founded in 2021 as a spin-off of Instituto Butantan (São Paulo, Brazil). BCGene has the mission to fulfill all necessary steps for licensing and production of public health products based on recombinant BCG, especially immunotherapeutics and vaccines.  The Recombinant BCG Laboratory at Instituto Butantan was established with collaboration from numerous international and Brazilian groups, including Institut Pasteur (Paris, France), the Siena group (Italy, Novartis/currently GSK), and received financial support from several Brazilian financing agencies. Instituto Butantan will be BCGene’s partner in the development of the rBCG products. BCGene’s portfolio includes a recombinant BCG strain (Onco rBCG) with increased activity in the treatment of experimental bladder cancer. The product is currently moving forward towards clinical trials. Another product under development is a recombinant BCG vaccine for tuberculosis (rBCG-AdjTB – rBCG expressing an adjuvant) that has shown greater protection against tuberculosis infection in experimental animals. BCGene has recently obtained funding from FAPESP (Foundation for support of research in the State of São Paulo) to move towards clinical trials. BCGene is being established and seeking for impact investments and partnerships.