Anodyne Devices



Anodyne Medical is an emerging specialty medical device company focused on commercializing needle-free (NFJI) delivery technologies. Founded to be a leader in the globally market & commericialize novel needle-free liquid jet devices in medical, cosmetics, veterinary, and speciality applications.

• Targeting Vaccine, Medical, Veterinary Cosmetics, & Nutraceuticals Speciality Clinics

Product Profile: A-Jet Platform

o Regulatory Approved
o Mass Vaccination Efficient, Provides for Preparation & Responsiveness o Multiple Dose Capability
o Individual Device adjust instantly to provide for IM, SQ, ID
o Accurate Variable Volumes: 0.02 to 5 mL Injection Volume

Strategic Business Development Objectives

o Focused Global Partnership and Government Contracts
o Vaccine & Generic Drug Partnership
o Veterinary Small & Large Animal Product/Vaccine Partnership: License Out o Global Distributor Partnership Contracts
o Outpatient Surgery Clinics: Local Anesthesia
o Pharmacy Clinic Partnerships
o Speciality Clinics (Pain Management, Podiatry, and Dermatology)
o Stem Cells Injections for Cosmetic and Post Surgery Recovery
o IV Fusion & Wellness Clinics: Supplements, Nutraceuticals, and Hormones

Gregory White
Co-founder, and Chief Medical/Scientific Officer
Cellular: Canada (1) 514-797-8833