Angany is a private Franco-Canadian clinical stage biotech bringing a new form of immunotherapy. Angany has developed a First-in-class modular, autoadjuvanted, immunologically neutral, biosynthetic bioparticle. This sophisticated, membrane (enveloped) immunomodulatory vector displays target antigens in surface motifs mimicking that of pathogens.  Angany’s proprietary eBioparticles™ are produced in vivo in one manufacturing step. The eBioparticle™ can turn any antigen into a potent immunogen. Angany's first 2 assets target allergy and demonstrate remarkable features of immunogenicity and hypoallergenicity. These are key attributes in advancing towards the established goal of treating allergy with a new generation of disease-modifying biologics administered as typical vaccines. Angany’s human allergy to cat therapeutic candidate enters first-in-human clinical trial in December 2022 while its peanut allergy candidate vaccine should follow suit in Q2 2023. Assets in oncology are being developed in collaboration with an esteemed academic group. Assets targeting degenerative and autoimmune and other conditions are in early stage of development. Angany has developed a strong partnership with Nextmune/Vimian in veterinary applications of the same biotechnology. Angany is seeking financing opportunities and co-development partnerships.