Aegis Life, Inc.


Aegis Life, Inc. is a biotechnology company with a mission to prevent and treat existing, emerging, and future contagions. We leverage a highly differentiated gene delivery technology “Fusogenix” with the aid of a tiny fusion protein.  Fugogenix stems from over two decades of research and development. 
  1. A DNA-based Vaccine Platform: Aegis has developed a DNA-based vaccine platform administered via an IM injection.  Covigenix (our COVID vaccine) is currently in phase 2.
  2. An In-Vivo Antibody Expression Platform: Aegis is also developing a DNA-based in-vivo expression platform that can express antibodies and proteins administered also via an IM injection
  3. Mucosal Delivery: we are also working on new formulations.
Even though Fusogenix can deliver both RNA and DNA, we chose to initially focus on DNA due to the following benefits of DNA over RNA:
  1. Storage stability: fridge stable for 1+ years. Room temperature stable for 1 month.
  2. Sustained expression, which might lead to durable immunity.
  3. Potentially single dose.
On the corporate level, we are pursuing the following tracks:
  • Seeking companies/institutions with potent antibodies to collaborate with.
  • Seeking a pharma partnership deal to out-licensing our DNA-based COVID vaccine candidate (Covigenix)