AdaptVac is a Danish company and aims to accelerate the development of safe and efficacious therapeutic and prophylactic cVLP vaccines to treat and prevent specific cancers, infectious diseases and immunological disorders. We are seeking collaborations, based on our recent progress with our RBD-cVLP COVID-19 vaccine (currently in PhIII), to apply the cVLP display platform to new disease indications.

A unique capsid Virus Like Particle vaccine platform technology
AdaptVac's PhIII clinical stage unique capsid virus-like particle (cVLP) display vaccine platform can improve immune responses to a broad range of vaccine antigens. The overall strength of our cVLP technology platform is that one can develop, with a minimal effort and alteration, any recombinant vaccine candidate into a cVLP particle.The platform is in PhIII clinical trial with ABNCoV2 (a cVLP based COVID-19 vaccine), and pre-clinical proof-of-concept studies have demonstrated superior vaccine responses in infectious diseases, allergy/inflammation and cancer models.
Adaptvac is interested in collaborations and licensing of its proprietary capsid Virus-Like-Particle (cVLP) vaccine platform, which can be applied to oncology, infectious and non-infectious disease targets.