Virtual Benefits


Why Sponsor or Exhibit?

Over 4 days we’ll be delivering thousands of sales meetings, broadcasting hundreds of presentations and live interactive panel debates from the leading minds in the vaccine industry with live Q&A, polls to a global community of thousands.

Offering our audience the ability to join in from wherever they are to watch the sessions live or on-demand.

World Vaccine Congress Washington 2021


New Exhibitor Benefits


Exhibitor ‘Teams’ Function

Teams is a critical element of the platform for exhibitors and sponsors. Each company and team member will have their own Teams tab and get an overview with all the people that have interacted with their company and related profiles via the Inbound Leads.

World Vaccine Congress Washington 2021


Company Profiles

Company Booth Profiles bring plenty of opportunities for companies to showcase their unique capabilities and products in a single overview. Simple to set up and easy for attendees to explore.


Product Definition

Each Exhibiting or sponsoring company can be categorised in your individual specific product offering, so any attendee with an interest in that product from their profiling selection will go straight into yours.


Teams lead queue  

Export Contacts and Meetings Export the names and profiles of all your teams contacts and meetings.

World Vaccine Congress Washington 2021





Connections and Meetings are a core element of a successful event experience. We’ve made this as easy as possible distilling it down to just 4 simple steps to get a calendar full of meetings.







World Vaccine Congress Washington 2021




virtual roundtable | World Vaccine Congress Washington 2021

New Sponsor Benefits

In addition to the new exhibitor benefits, as a sponsor, you have the options to view trackable data from who attended your presentation, panel, specific topic/track sessions, roundtable, meetings, and more.


Sponsor a Session (Standalone Presentation, Panel or Track)

In addition to delivering your video presentation or panel to potentially even more relevant people than you would expect live in the room, we can track and share with you the names of those who have watched in (individual presentation, specific sessions, or even the whole track).

These leads will go directly into your TEAMS inbound lead queue to follow up and set a meeting with.

You will also have your logo at the top of the presentation video screen with a direct link and message/chat function to your virtual booth page so attendees watching can contact your representatives in real time during and after. Branding for the presentation will also enable the attendees to have your company in front of mind as they watch the relevant sessions.


Roundtable Sponsor

Host a 45 minute, live virtual roundtable session with a targeted set of attendees from the event, that you receive the leads of those who attend.


Private Networking Manager

Select registered attendees that you would like to meet, Terrapinn will facilitate the introduction and meeting virtually on video F2F.


Brand Exposure

A virtual venue offers and supports completely new branding opportunities. Sponsor banners and logo’s on the main conference livestream, sponsored content, advertisements, promotions, and much more.