2023 Posters

The deadline for Scientific Poster Submissions has now passed. Thank you for all submissions.


The posters will be displayed by the exhibition foyer (Level 3, near the registration desk) and will stay up throughout the congress 4-6 April.   If you are listed below please arrive on the morning of the 4 April to put them up on the boards within the Poster Zone.  Some materials will be available to help put them up.


We are also promoting all attendees to visit the Poster Zone at lunch time on 4 April , where the poster presenters themselves can be stationed there at 2:00 PM, so please make your way over to meet them.


Organization or Academic Institution

Poster Title

Prabha Chandrasekaran

ABL, an Institut Mérieux Company (ABL Inc)

A new thermostable, lyophilized ID93+GLA/SE TB vaccine candidate elicits robust, sustained Th1-type cellular and antibody responses in phase 1 clinical trial.


Patrick Raber

Adaptive Biotechnologies

Capabilities of Adaptive Immunosequencing to Propel Vaccine Research


David Da Costa


i-Particles® and i-LipoP®, safe-by-design drug and vaccine delivery technologies at high potential for pharmaceutical development


Stephanie Mou

Advanced RNA Vaccine Technologies (ARV Tech)

Design and Preclinical Evaluation of a Universal SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccine


Pawan Dulal

aVaxziPen Limited

Needle-free, injectable solid dose vaccine delivery generates equivalent immune response with different antigens and animal models


Karen Berliner

BioIntegrity, LLC

Establishing a High-Quality Biospecimen Resource in a Pandemic Setting: Challenges and Lessons Learned


Olivier Loget

CapEval Pharma

Non-clinical safety assessment of vaccines


Mafalda Cacciottolo

Capricor Therapeutics

Multivalent Exosome based vaccine: a “cocktail” approach to epidemic viruses’ challenges.


Mafalda Cacciottolo

Capricor Therapeutics

Exosome based multivalent vaccine: achieving potent immunization, broaden reactivity and T cell response with nanograms of proteins without any adjuvant.


Michael Egan


CastleVax’s Newcastle Disease Virus vectored-vaccine platform is ideally suited to address current and future viral threats.


Huiju Lim

CHA Vaccine Institute, Co., Ltd.

Novel TLR2/3 Ligand Based Vaccine Adjuvant Systems for Infectious Diseases and Cancer


Zhilin Chen

Codiak Biosciences

Development of an Exosome-based Pan Beta-Coronavirus Vaccine


Andrew Andraski

Colorado State University

Development of a Scalable, High Throughput, Low Energy Consuming, Rapid Vaccine Production Device


Lauren Speciner

Combined Therapeutics

MOPCTx: The next generation of mRNA-based vaccines to prevent infectious diseases with improved biodistribution and safety profiles


Julie LaValley

Dyadic International, Inc.



Natasha Chaudhary

Elarex Inc

Pullulan and Trehalose Room Temperature Stabilization of VSV Vectored Therapeutics


Vanja Komlenovic

Emergent BioSolutions Inc.

Evaluation of the Immune Response to ACAM2000® Vaccine in Previously Vaccinated Individuals


Jemin Han

EuBiologics Co., Ltd.

Development of subunit vaccine platform based on nanoparticles using novel adjuvant and antigen display technology


Sunjong Kwon

Eyegene Inc.

Novel freeze-dried, thermostable, low-cost COVID-19 mRNA vaccines targeting WT (614Gm strain) and the Omicron BA.1 variant


Pil-Gu Park

Gachon University

Development of platform technology using plants for rapid production of subunit vaccine against nipah virus


Nicolas Gaudenzio


High-dimensional profiling of immune response to vaccines using bio-stabilized and injectable natural human skin.


Richard Guy

ImmunAdd Inc.

Next Generation Saponin-Based Vaccine Adjuvants


Chiara Nicolò

InSilicoTrials Technologies SpA

InSilicoVACCINE: a suite of computational models for vaccine design and trial simulation


Mark Cashin

Integrum Scientific

Longitudinal blood specimen collection from survivors of emerging infectious diseases


Anas Tomeh

Labcorp Drug Development

Second Generation mRNA Vaccines: Formulation development of mRNA-lipid nanoparticles with TLR9 agonist CpG oligonucleotide adjuvant


David Hesley

Merck & Co.

Revival of a legacy DNA vaccine E. coli plasmid fermentation process utilizing single-use technology to support a modern mRNA vaccine program


Brunah Otieno

Meso Scale Diagnostics, LLC

Validation of Novel Multiplexed Serology Assays for Detection of IgG Antibodies against SARS-COV-2 Key Variants


Carolina Braghini Stephenson


Media development strategies for vaccine, oncolytic virus therapy and gene therapy applications


Kamran Anwar


Quality Control Testing of mRNA Vaccines To Ensure Integrity of Critical Attributes


Maggie Luce

MilliporeSigma (BioReliance)

Adventitious Agent Testing using Next Generation Sequencing: Incorporating a Benzonase  Pre-Treatment to Lower Host Sequence Representation and Improve the Limit of Detection


Rebecca Bova

MilliporeSigma (BioReliance)

Validation of a Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) for Adventitious Virus Detection in Vaccine Other Biological Products


Catherine Panozzo

Moderna, Inc.

Near real-time surveillance of RSV to support clinical trial enrollment strategies in ConquerRSV


Alexander Seifalian

NanoRegMed Ltf

A new intranasal vaccine formulation for protection against SARS-CoV-2 virus infection


Romane Beneston


Bacterial bioprocess development and intensification


Edward Kwee


Validation of live-cell imaging and flow cytometry methods for quantifying serum neutralization in a  SARS-CoV-2 pseudovirus neutralization assay


Christopher Graves




Nicolas Legrand

Oncodesign Services

Preclinical evaluation of a chimpanzee adenovirus vector expressing a pre-fusion Spike (BV-AdCoV-1) SARS-CoV-2 vaccine candidates in golden Syrian hamsters


Simon Bennett

One Health Ventures

Epsilon toxin, Multiple Sclerosis and Vaccine Candidate


Katherine Schneider


Validation of a Molecular Diagnostic Approach for Detecting Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato spp. in Tissue and Other Biological Samples


Vanessa Borowicz

Precision NanoSystems

Accelerated development of self-amplifying RNA (saRNA) vaccines using scalable NxGenTM Microfluidics


Jeonghun Kim

Progeneer Inc.

mRNA Cancer Vaccine Adjuvanted with Timely Activating Cholesterol-linked TLR7/8 Agonist Showed Protective Immunity in Melanoma Mouse Model


Jeonghun Kim

Progeneer Inc.

Neoantigen Cancer Vaccine Adjuvanted with Liposomal Cholesterol-linked TLR7/8 Agonist Showed Protective Immunity in Melanoma Mouse Model


Jeonghun Kim

Progeneer Inc.

Nucleoprotein Antigen Adjuvanted with Liposomal Cholesterol-linked TLR7/8 Agonist Showed Protective Immunity in Influenza Mouse Model


Maxime Lestra


The central role of pDNA in new therapies development


Hyewon Youn

Seoul National Univeirsity Hospital

Molecular imaging based evaluation of mRNA vaccine candidates


Marie-Eve Koziol


MONTANIDE™ ISA 51 VG & MONTANIDE™ ISA 720 VG: open access adjuvants dedicated to therapeutic vaccines


Katrin Van Leuven


Determining the stability of a new RSV strain to be used in Controlled Human Infection Model studies


Candice Chan

Singapore General Hospital, Duke-NUS Medical School

Factors affecting immune response to the herpes zoster vaccine in the elderly population


Izabela Ragan

Solaris Vaccines

SolaVAX: A Novel Photochemical Inactivation Method of the Rapid Production of Inactivated Vaccines


Tarra Shingler


Vax’d: An App for Engaging Patient Experiences and Enhanced Symptom Tracking and Follow-Up


Anass Jawhari

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Materials and Structural Analysis Division

Leveraging Cryo-Electron Microscopy for Innovative Vaccine Development


Gillot Constant


Dynamics of Neutralizing Antibody Responses Following Natural SARS-CoV-2 Infection and Correlation with Commercial Serologic Tests


Gillot Constant


Vaccine-induced binding and neutralizing antibodies against Omicron 6 months after a homologous BNT162b2 booster


Victor Bronshtein

Universal Stabilization Technologies Inc.

Thermostable Vaccines Inactivated via Electron Beam and Ultraviolet Radiation


Aaron Gingerich

University of Georgia

A pan-Pneumovirus vaccine based on immunodominant epitopes of the fusion protein


Erika Petro-Turnquist

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

An adenoviral-vectored Epigrah vaccine induces durable immune responses against H3 Influenza A Virus in swine


Stéphanie Meyer

Valneva GmbH, Austria

Progress of Clinical Development of a Live-Attenuated Single Shot Chikungunya Vaccine Candidate


Matt Vukovich

Vanderbilt University

Isolation and Characterization of Broad Glycan-Reactive Antibodies that Target Multiple Viral Antigens


Elodie Burlet


Oral DTaP Vaccination Induces Mucosal and Systemic Immunity in Mice


Ilya Goldberg

ViQi Inc.

A Cloud-based Rapid and Scalable Infectivity Assay for Vaccine and Antiviral Screening


Andrea Vervoort

Virica Biotech

Virus Production Enhancement Using Small Molecule VSEs TM


Julia Sakamoto

Vernal Biosciences

Potent anti-SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Immune Responses with LNP-mRNA in Mice


Charlotte Mignon


Deep longitudinal multi-omics analysis of Bordetella pertussis cultivated in bioreactors highlights medium starvations and transitory metabolisms


Sabine Hauck

Leukocare AG

Implementation of analytical Methods for mRNA-LNPs addressing stability indicating Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs) and their application


Luciana Cezar De Cerqueira Leite

Instituto Butantan

Neonate mice immunized with a recombinant BCG-PspA-PdT prime: boost scheme displays a robust immune response and protection against lethal pneumococcal challenge