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Chair’s opening remarks

Safety, efficacy, and uptake of currently available COVID-19 vaccines

From science to solidarity: the successes and limits of the global COVID-19 vaccine response
Over a year on, how has the pandemic changed the industry? A time for reflection

HEALTH AS A GLOBAL IMPERATIVE: From COVID-19 to a New Normal for Vaccines & Pandemic Preparedness

Vaccine deployment and implementation – how do we deliver billions of vaccines globally?

Keynote panel: What of our second generation COVID-19 vaccines? Is SARS-CoV2 here to stay?

Keynote: How will the world tackle the current and future pandemics going forward?

Keynote panel: Is the current vaccine business response to emerging infectious diseases unsustainable? How will big pharma, biotechs & research institutions work together in future?

Plenary Take Home Remarks – Until We Meet Again