Immune Profiling



The Immune Profiling Conference brings together pharma and biotech, together with leading research institutes. They’re meeting to discuss how profiling of the immune system using high throughput technologies can aid therapeutic design and treatment strategies in infectious and non-infectious diseases including cancer. If you offer platforms or technologies that can help advance or predict the outcome of these companies pipeline, the event will allow you to showcase your services and technologies directly to them and generate awareness of what you do with key decision makers.


Who Attends


• Pharma
• Biotech
• Research Institutions
• Universities


Job Titles


• Head of Immunology
• Head of Translational & Immuno- Oncology
• Director Predictive Medicine
• Head of Sequencing / Next gen sequencing
• Directors of Biomarker Discovery & Diagnostics
• Head of Bioinformatics
• Director of Research
• Head of Cancer Immunotherapy
• Translational Science & Adjuvants
• Head of Vaccines

Who Should Sponsor?


• DNA sequencing technologies
• Single cell technologies
• High-throughput sample processing and analysis
• Molecular diagnostics
• Molecular assays
• Equipment and device manufacturers
• Intellectual property advisors


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