April 16 Day 2 - 10 Co-conferences

Supply & Logistics Conference

Chair's opening remarks

Emerging and Re-emerging Diseases

Chair's opening remarks

Bioprocessing & Manufacturing Conference

Chair's opening remarks

Vaccine Communication – Risk Assessment and Communication of Safety

Economics of supply


Novel Immunotherapy Trends

Universal and Pandemic Influenza Vaccines

Ebola & Flavivirus Update

Vaccine Bioprocessing Trends and Challenges

Scientific Advancements in Animal Health

Influenza and Respiratory Vaccines

Universal flu: are we any closer to finding the “holy “grail”? The Grand Challenge

  • 100 years on from the most severe influenza pandemic in recorded history, what have we learnt that’s translational to a universal solution
  • The multifactorial challenges involved in bringing innovation and improvement to flu products by building more rapid capabilities
  • Newest research in universal influenza vaccines and their potential impact on the flu market
Bioprocessing & Manufacturing Conference

New Models: How are smaller product development organizations (biotechs/non-profit/academics) manufacturing vaccine products for early and exploratory PoC clinical trials? Are larger Biopharma adaptin

  • How are non-profits and academics de-risking earlier staged vaccine research before further development?
  • Strategy in collaborative models
  • A new shift in how vaccines are developed, how does this compare to 10 years ago? Is there a new emphasis on testing in humans earlier?
  • Pharma vision – is there a growing gap in end to end processing expertise?
Vaccine Partnerships Conference

Can vaccines lessen the burden of antibiotic resistance?

-Who is CARB-X-What vaccines programs they are supporting -What they are looking for in a partner, public-private partnerships
Vaccine Partnerships Conference

FireChat 1 – FireChat 1 – Bacterial Vaccine

Vaccine Safety Conference

Strategies to enhance vaccine acceptance in future generations

  • How have non-medical exemptions affected vaccine uptake in the US?
  • The vaccine education project: Laying the groundwork to ensure children and young adults are more accepting of vaccines in the future – what are the reasons that people are influenced by the anti-vaccine movement?
  • Developing a vaccine education curriculum for physicians to increase vaccine acceptance
  • What is the current and future role of digital/social media in shaping public perception around vaccination?
  • How can the media be used as a tool to aid scientists in getting out their message accurately? How can scientists communicate with journalists more effectively?
Cancer & Immunotherapy Vaccines Conference

Challenges in identification of cancer neoantigens: lessons from mouse models and a Phase 1 trial in patients with advanced ovarian cancers

  • Most potential antigens identified in silico are not active in vivo
  • Algorithms for prediction of good CTL epitopes in viral and model antigens are generally not predictive of good anti-cancer response
  • CD8 response as measured ex vivo is not predictive of anti-tumor response (i.e. tumor regression) in vivo
  • New rules for prediction are suggested
  • A Phase 1 trial in patients with advanced ovarian cancers is ongoing

Networking Coffee Break

Understanding the System

Supply Chain Visibility

Immune Profiling for Infectious Diseases

Global Health Preparedness Strategy and Platform Technologies

Designing Vaccines for Global Health

Big pharmaceuticals Investing in novel platforms & viral vectors

Immune Profiling Conference

Innate immune profiling for Dengue infection & vaccination

Dr Ana Fernandez-Sesma, Chair, Human Immunology Project Consortium & Professor, Icahn School Of Medicine, Mount Sinai
Clinical Development and Trials Conference

Overcoming challenges in seasonal vaccine studies

Vaccine Partnerships Conference

FireChat 4 – DNA vaccine

Cancer vaccines

Bioprocessing & Manufacturing Conference

Outsource manufacturing of your vaccine candidate: The do’s and don’ts

Senior representative, Wacker Biotech
Bioprocessing & Manufacturing Conference

Accelerating innovation for safe, robust and cost effective vaccine development and manufacturing in developing markets

  • Latest trends and key considerations in vaccine development and manufacturing in emerging markets.
  • Advancing bioprocessing technologies to serve domestic needs, more simply and affordably
  • Single use systems and flexible and scalable technologies
  • A case study how single use involves vaccine process development on a virus-like particles (VLPs) vaccine candidate in China
Senior representative, Sartorius-Stedim

Networking Lunch & Poster Session

Logistics coordination and Cold Chain Technology

Vaccine Production for Outbreaks

Precision Medicine Approaches for Animal Health

Supply & Logistics Conference

Overcoming key supply chain challenges for vaccine shipments

Intervention Trials for Aedes-Transmitted Diseases

Cancer & Immunotherapy Vaccines Conference

Panel: Re-emergence of dendritic cell vaccines for cancer treatment

  • Understanding the mechanisms by which DC functions are disrupted by the tumor microenvironment
  • Insights on innovative improvements in DC targeted vaccine platforms
    • Methods for improving DC maturation, antigen presentation, antigen loading, selection and proliferation
    • Alternatives to using monocyte-derived DCs
  • How can a combination of this and other immunotherapies be used to overturn tumor-induced immune-suppression?

Emerging Science in Vaccine Safety

RSV Vaccines

Supply & Logistics Conference

Innovations in cold chain equipment for immunization supply chains

Clinical Development and Trials Conference

Title TBC

Bioprocessing & Manufacturing Conference

Bioprocessing Adenovirus – technical and economic considerations

We will present experimental work and process economy calculations, from AdV production in cell culture to purified bulk productAn efficient and scalable process for AdV production was developed from analysis of each process step
Clinical Development and Trials Conference

Identifying immune responses that predict disease protection

Big Data


Oncolytic Viruses

Supply & Logistics Conference

Joint presentation: Innovations in temperature monitoring for vaccine supply chains

Mike Rush, Executive Director - Global Health Policy, Temptime Corporation
Dr Ted Prusik, Co-Founder, Senior Vice President, Temptime Corporation
Vaccine Partnerships Conference

Successful case study 1: Sanofi – Translate Bio collaboration to develop mRNA vaccines for multiple infectious diseases

-How both companies identified the initial match?-How the responsibilities of each party were determined-Lessons learned so far and what both parties hope to achieve

Networking Coffee Break

A Deep Dive in Human Challenge Studies

Alternative Delivery Platforms

Vaccine Delivery & Manufacture

Clinical Development and Trials Conference

Frontiers in controlled human malaria infection (CHMI): accelerating malaria vaccine development, use in HIV+ populations, and empowering malaria research in Africa

-Aseptic, purified, cryopreserved sporozoites for CHMI (“challenge in a bottle”)-Expansion of research capabilities in Africa-Ethical considerations of CHMI in HIV+ populations
Cancer & Immunotherapy Vaccines Conference

Clinical development of a GM-CSF expressing oncolytic adenovirus, for the treatment of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer

Bioprocessing & Manufacturing Conference

Alternative delivery system technology showcase

  • Clinical milestone in skin vaccination: Combining the P.L.E.A.S.E.® epidermal system with the dry-patch technology boosts immunogenicity in an adjuvant-free setting

Capacity Planning

Checkpoints, targeted drugs and combinations

Clinical Development and Trials Conference

How do we move forward in Zika vaccine development using the Human Challenge Model

-Bioethics of using the human challenge model-Background information on the original report for zika vaccine development-Epidemiology of zika today-How has the landscape changed
Bioprocessing & Manufacturing Conference

Alternative delivery system technology showcase

  • Microprojection array patch clinical study with influenza vaccine: Demonstration of efficacy, dose reduction, and high temperature stability
Veterinary Vaccines Conference

Mucosal PRRSV vaccine for swine

  • Benefits of administration via nasal spray
  • Vaccine efficacy
  • Summary of field trial data and findings
Session led by: aptimmune-biologics-inc
Clinical Development and Trials Conference

The “how’s” of Human Challenge Model studies (CHIMS)

-How are the studies done?-How are the models developed and used?-How are CHIMS becoming more commercially used?-Why do subjects volunteer?
Philip Krause, Deputy Director, U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Bioprocessing & Manufacturing Conference

Alternative delivery system technology showcase

Mucosal delivery routes
Influenza and Respiratory Vaccines

Ongoing development of a novel vaccine for Respiratory Syncytial Virus

  • An overview of preclinical, phase 1 data and recent phase 2 results
  • Development aspects unique to RSV and immunologic correlates
  • Potential avenues for next steps in demonstrating vaccine efficacy and receiving regulatory approval
Emerging and Re-emerging Diseases

Expeditionary research in emerging & re-emerging disease: What is it?

  • Accessing emerging / re-emerging diseases in difficult or remote regions of the world is immensely complex.
  • Learn what expeditionary research is and how to support it (staff, technology, logistics)
  • How do you switch from a briefcase to a backpack

Chair’s Closing Remarks per co-lo and Close of Congress Day 2


Off-site Networking Drinks, Supported by Enesi Pharma

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