Day 2, September 29

Considerations for Global Health Manufacturing

Supply & Logistics

Introduction to Supply & Logistics Channel

Supply & Logistics

Panel: Can we achieve global harmonization of regulatory requirements for vaccines

  • Managing regulatory requirements and timelines while rolling out vaccine globally
  • Variability of assays and tests required internationally
  • Practicalities are very challenging – how do big pharma manage this?
  • Insurance of process control – what will satisfy regulatory bodies downstream?
  • When and how should you engage with regulatory bodies
Tina Roecklein, Senior Director, Cmc And Regulatory Compliance Lead, Us Vaccines, GlaxoSmithKline

Introduction to Emerging and Infectious Diseases Channel, Sep 29

Clinical Development

Clinical trials of the future

  • Use of real-world evidence for vaccine efficacy
  • How to get information from the field to a database
  • Regulatory perspective in new development areas
Claudia Christian, Director Of Global Clinical Operations, FHI Clinical

Incorporating innovation to vaccine trials

The Animal Health Business


Panel: The Future of the Animal Health Business

  • Discussing the emerging trends in animal health & biologics (companion and production animals)
  • The emergence of human health technologies in the animal health space; Are these technologies too expensive to implement in animal health?
  • The importance of establishing strong collaboration/partnerships for advancing animal health innovation
  • What about emerging markets? - Finding success in Latin America, China & India etc.

A Deep Dive into Successful Partnering


Introduction to Respiratory Channel

Global Health Preparedness Strategy

Vaccine Bioprocessing Trends and Challenges

Bioprocess & Manufacture

How to teach an old dog new tricks: Application of an ageing approach to Life cycle management of a vaccine

Disruptive Technologies in the Animal Health Space

Emerging and Infectious

Janssen’s Zika vaccine developments and new data

Nadine Salisch, Biomarker lead for the Zika program, Janssen Vaccines
Panel discussion

Fireside Interview: How are can our government agencies responding more effectively to public health emergencies like SARS-CoV-2?

  • The response strategy to current global outbreaks like corona
  • What are the unique strengths of each agency?
  • Are we working collaboratively enough to effectively manage public health outbreaks and national security in a meaningful way?
  • Are there ways to improve synergistic vaccine research efforts?
Panel discussion

Panel: What preparations can be made in order to maximize the number of available vaccines globally? The future of the vaccine landscape from the industry leaders

  • What are the greatest hurdles hat prevent a vaccine from making the final leap to patients?
  • Experiences from emerging infectious diseases and international settings
  • Considerations of an early engagement plan and ethics beyond vaccine development
  • The manufacturing considerations
Annaliesa Anderson, Chief Scientific Officer, Bacterial Vaccines And The Hospital Business Unit, Pfizer, Pfizer

Exhibition Hall & Partnering

New Platform Derived Vaccines on Priority Pathogens


Networking Lunch & Poster Session

Vaccine Distribution & Alliances

Vaccine Pipeline Updates of Highly Infectious Diseases

Clinical Development

Overcoming challenges in seasonal vaccine studies

Emerging and Infectious

AV7909 Next-generation Anthrax vaccine: Progress towards licensure

Josh Reece, Senior Director, Emergent BioSolutions

Technology & Cold Chain


Networking Coffee Break

Emerging and Infectious

Fast-track development of Sars-Cov-2 subunit vaccine: synergy of platform technologies

Dr Max Søgaard, Director, Process Development, ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies

Current status of rift valley fever vaccine development

  • Challenges and strategies for developing efficacious rift valley fever vaccines

Vaccine Delivery & Manufacturing


End of day 2

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