Plenary, April 7

Rick Bright

NEW breaking session: What do we know about COVID-19? Implications for treatment, containment and vaccine development

  • The natural history of the virus, its transmission and diagnosis & management measures at the human-animal interface
  • Epidemiological studies & clinical characterization and management of disease caused by the virus
  • Prevention and control across borders
  • Vaccines candidates and longterm strategy into the outbreak response
  • With all our preparedness strategies for Disease X and SARS, how have our systems been tested to cope?
Tony Fauci

Vaccinology for the 21st century in addressing emerging infectious diseases

Panel discussion

Networking Coffee Break

round tables


Analytical Issues Impacting Quality in Vaccine Development
Nathaniel Hentz

Nathaniel Hentz, Scientific Market Development Director, Artel, LLC

Artificial intelligence -adopting cognitive computing across the PV landscape
Best practices for site partnerships with CRO/PHARMA for vaccine trials
William Smith

William Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Alliance for Multispecialty Research LLC

CEPI 2020 funding calls
Challenges for development of GMO vaccines
Aernout Van Haarst

Aernout Van Haarst, Director Of Scientific Affairs, Celerion

Changing landscape of real-world evidence and its impact on clinical research – uncovering lab & clinical adverse events
Changing scenario of veterinary vaccine market in the developing world
Dr Gs Reddy

Dr Gs Reddy, Senior Vice President, Brilliant BioPharma Ltd

Choke points in vaccine study start up -- An investigator’s view
Nathan Segall

Nathan Segall, Medical Director, Clinical Research Atlanta

Correlates of protection – are they failing us or are we failing them?
Bruno Speder

Bruno Speder, Head Of Clinical Regulatory Affairs, SGS Life Sciences

De-Risking Vaccine Clinical Trials in Lower Resource Settings
Christopher Woods

Christopher Woods, Professor And Chief Infectious Diseases Division, Duke University

Developing more effective vaccines for emerging/re-emerging pandemic threats
Dr James Cummings

Dr James Cummings, President, ICON Government & Public Health Solutions

Development of novel predictive algorithms for patient selection
Eyes wide open: investigation perspectives on conducting vaccine trials
Dr Brandon Essink

Dr Brandon Essink, Medical Director, Meridian Clinical Research

How to onboard new digital technologies for absolute quantification of AAV vectors as part of scalable purification process for gene therapies
Chelsea Pratt

Chelsea Pratt, Biopharma Market Development Manager, Bio-Rad Laboratories

How to tackle and prepare for global health challenges – focus on tackling AMR using vaccines
Ivana Haluskova Balter

Ivana Haluskova Balter, Medical and Scientific Consultant, French Society of Immunology

Human Challenge studies: Dengue, Zika, Ebola: How far can we go?
Bruno Speder

Bruno Speder, Head Of Clinical Regulatory Affairs, SGS Life Sciences

Immune Profiling - capturing the complexity of immune responses to vaccines and infections
Is vaccine hesitancy affecting recruitment for clinical trials?
Key Elements of building a successful partnership between sponsor and CRO
Karen Mccarthy

Karen Mccarthy, Executive Director, Vaccines, PPD

New qualitative analytical technology replacing antiquated plaque and TCID50 assays
Dr Gray Heppner

Dr Gray Heppner, Chief Medical Officer And Managing Partner, Crozet BioPharma LLC

Oncology – applying precision medicine and informatics to find the best treatment option for each patient
Overcoming obstacles to improve cold chain management of biologics
Pediatric vaccine trials – Recruitment and retention
Safety evaluation of vaccines: from now to tomorrow, new approaches and technologies?
Using Government Funding to Support Your Vaccine Development Program; What is “non-diluted” funding? How do you receive it?
Vaccine, Vaccination, and Immunization Law
Brian Abramson

Brian Abramson, Bloomberg Law

When limited patient resources meet unlimited immunotherapy combinations—the strategies to develop clinical IO agents in platform studies

Networking Lunch


POSTER Presentations & Pancakes

Meet new scientists and young investigators with new data.


One Health

One Health

The importance of a One Health approach to biodefense and biosecurity

  • Overview of current threats
  • Insight from US & European countries: How do our governments prepare for outbreaks?
  • How do we ensure rapid manufacturing capabilities for dealing with outbreaks?
Dorothy Peprah, Senior Global Health Security Agenda Advisor, United States Agency For International Development
Panel discussion

Networking Coffee Break

Panel discussion

How are our government agencies responding to public health emergencies?

  • What are the unique strengths of each agency?
  • Are we working collaboratively enough to effectively manage public health outbreaks and national security in a meaningful way?
  • Are there ways to improve synergistic vaccine research efforts?
One Health

Influenza: Navigating viruses at the human–animal interface

  • Influenza surveillance and risk assessment
  • Advances towards a universal flu vaccine- human health now getting to trials, what about vet? How can we collaborate better?
Panel discussion
One Health

Current status of rift valley fever vaccine development

  • Challenges and strategies for developing efficacious rift valley fever vaccines

Chair’s Closing Remarks and Close of Congress Day 1


Pre-Awards Networking Drinks Reception (off-site)


Gala Dinner & 13th Annual ViE Awards Ceremony

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