Avida Biotech

Àvida Biotech is developing broad-spectrum antiviral products to prevent neglected and emerging infectious diseases. These products will be oral and thermostable, which reduces their overall cost and will make them widely affordable to achieve maximal impact. Our main focus is on dengue, chikungunya and zika. We have proof of concept of oral vaccination in a mouse model of dengue.

Gly ProVac

In GlyProVac we identify and develop novel subunit vaccine candidates harbouring natural and highly immunogenic O-linked protein glycosylations. Our proprietary technology BEMAP allows an unbiased proteome wide screening for protein glycosylation which continues to reveal a staggering number of glycoproteins in vaccine relevant bacterial pathogens with an unmet medical need.  These modifications drastically influence the topology of the protein and are particularly well recognized by the human immune response. We are currently working to establishing this novel bacterial vaccine concept in the E. coli family (for diarrhoea and urinary tract infection).

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