Sementis Ltd

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Sementis is an Australian biotechnology company focussed on unlocking the potential of vaccinia as a viral vector through a novel approach to manufacturing.  

Our proprietary technology offers an innovative vaccine platform which couples a fourth generation, non-replicating, vaccinia viral vector with a genetically modified CHO manufacturing cell line. Our platform has been designed to preserve and enhance the well documented effectiveness of vaccinia and deliver vaccines of a consistent quality and at high-yields by utilisation of well-established, continuous cell line, and an industry standard manufacturing platform. Our platform technology can be readily adapted and thus has the potential to generate vaccines against a wide range of diseases. Our candidate vaccines in pre-clinical development include a second-generation COVID-19 vaccine, a therapeutic vaccine for treatment of peanut hypo-allergy and an orthopox (smallpox/monkeypox) vaccine, demonstrating the broad utility of our platform. Our business strategy is to advance our platform technology and candidate vaccines to clinic, whilst seeking collaborations and partnerships for development of new vaccine and immunotherapeutic candidates.