Silver Sponsor

“Pratia is a Platform for innovative medicine, which offers the best mix of Sites, expertise, access to Patients to each protocol, as well as close collaboration with the local healthcare systems. We are a Research Organization Platform that brings tech-savvy, adaptable solutions in innovative treatments at your convenience. With 90+ Centers across 6 countries in Europe.

With 1500+ Clinical Trials carried out since 2012, we strive to connect Patients & Professionals via our Platform in order to create better access to innovative care. We can conclude Studies within 85% Therapeutical Areas at the convenience of our Patients, Partners, and Physicians. We can address the dynamically changing requirements in the industry, including Remote Monitoring and Decentralized Studies.

In 2014 Pratia joined Neuca Plc. - the leading organization in the pharmaceutical wholesaling and the healthcare industry, which secures long-term sustainable growth for the Site Network.”