Portal Instruments, Inc.

Bronze Sponsor

Portal is a needle-free drug delivery company focused on solving the challenge of self-injecting viscous biological medicines at home and improving the delivery of vaccines to the general population. Our solution uses a needle-free jet injection approach that is computer controlled and augmented by digital connectivity for enhanced disease management. Issued from MIT Research, the PRIME platform allows biopharmaceutical companies to radically differentiate their therapies from competitors and reach a population that has previously eschewed injections. Clinical and market studies have demonstrated that injections with PRIME are well tolerated and patient preferred vs. a standard needle & syringe. The device captures injection data in real time to keep all stakeholders involved for optimal patient care. Portal aims to co-develop drug/device combination products with biopharmaceutical companies looking to take a more patient-centric approach to traditional drug delivery methods. PRIME’s primary container comes in a pre-sterilized ready-to-fill format compatible with most standard aseptic fill/finish lines.