Lipoid GmbH

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Lipoid – We Invest in Quality


The Ludwigshafen-based Lipoid Group is the world’s only supplier to produce a complete range of high-purity natural, hydrogenated, and synthetic phospholipids.


With close to 500 employees and a global presence, the Lipoid Group has become the world leader in the field of phospholipids foarmaceutical applications.


Lipoid’s phospholipids are components in many vaccine systems. Of particular current prominence is Lipoid’s contribution to Covid-19 mRNA vaccines and vaccines containing adjuvants.


For complex drug delivery systems such as emulsions, liposomes, mixed micelles, and lipid nanoparticles -particularly for parenteral applications - Lipoid’s phospholipids provide an essential basis. These systems play a crucial role, for example, in tumor therapeutics, drugs for inhalation and parenteral nutrition.


In addition, phospholipids from Lipoid have applications in dietary supplements and in high-quality cosmetic products