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Founded in 2014 and building on the know-how gained from the netMHC project Immunitrack offers highly sensitive peptide MHC affinity and stability assays. Our biotinylated MHC I and II molecules have proven to work excellent as tetramer reagents and we have developed HTP production methods for both MHC I and II to address the unmet need for customized MHC/epitope complexes and reagents in the neoepitope field.

More recently we have started to develop PrdX which will be a stability based successor to netMHC. The software is currently under development but beta testing on a couple of alleles shows that it may be a gamechanger in terms in silico epitope prediction.

The combination of prediction, assay technology and supporting MHC I/II molecules provides a very strong platform and makes Immunitrack an ideal partner for most vaccine projects.