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Icon Genetics GmbH (Halle/Saale, Germany), a wholly owned subsiduary of Denka, Japan, is a world leader in developing and using expression systems for production of recombinant proteins in green plants. Icon Genetics has established the magnICON® production platform and holds a dominant patent portfolio composed of over 400 granted patents in the field of plant-based expression systems. The magnICON® platform offers an efficient transient expression technology for recombinant proteins, which addresses speed, yield, precision, expression control, flexibility, on demand production and safety; especially with respect to the regulatory requirements for production of biopharmaceuticals and proteins for diagnostic use. The technology is equally suitable for producing research and development samples, as well as for the large-scale production of recombinant proteins of interest. Icon Genetics has built an efficient research and development pipeline for a number of biopharmaceuticals including preventive and therapeutic vaccines, as well as recombinant proteins for diagnostic use. Icon Genetics has its own GMP-certified facility and is experienced in running clinical trials in Europe and the US.


Speaker: Franziska Jarczowski (Head of Manufacturing, Icon Genetics GmbH)
magnICON® - A leading platform for in planta production of norovirus vaccines and more