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Baseimmune is a discovery stage biotech company developing universal vaccines with future-proof antigens. The technology is based on a proprietary deep learning platform that models pathogen evolution and immune responses to generate artificial antigens compatible with any delivery systems such as mRNA, viral vectors, and nanoparticles. Founded by a team that pioneered computational approaches to design vaccines against infectious diseases while at the Jenner Institute University of Oxford, with two multi-strain coverage vaccines currently in clinical trials. Baseimmune is now leveraging its next-generation technology to generate longer lasting and mutation-proof antigens that can be applied to highly complex, rapidly mutating pathogens, and emerging pathogens. After raising £4.5M in late 2021, Baseimmune is now focused on the pre-clinical development of a number of universal mutation-proof human and veterinary vaccines including Malaria, Coronavirus and African Swine Fever. Baseimmune is also open to partnering on the design and development of novel indications