Prof Sumi Biswas | Associate Professor
University of Oxford

Prof Sumi Biswas, Associate Professor, University of Oxford

Sumi is an Associate Professor at the University of Oxford and a Jenner Investigator. After completing her DPhil in Clinical Medicine at Oxford in 2009 she established the transmission-blocking malaria vaccine group at the Jenner Institute. In the first year of her post-doctoral research she was awarded a Grand Challenge Explorations grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation to test molecules of the mosquito innate immune response as potential candidates antigens for blocking malaria transmission. Her academic group funded by PATH-MVI, Wellcome Trust and European Commission work on the generation and clinical testing of vaccines against the transmission stage of malaria using various virus-like-particle (VLP) platforms. She is the coordinator of an EU H2020 grant to develop a multi-stage vaccine against Plasmodium vivax malaria. In addition to malaria vaccines her group is also using the VLP technologies for generation of outbreak pathogen vaccines in a project funded by Innovate UK.


Day Three 12th October, Human @ 11:40

Technology Showcase 8 : Displaying antigens on Virus-Like-Particles using the plug-and-display SpyCatcher/SpyTag technology

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