Silke Schepelmann | Principal Scientist
National Institute for Biological Standards and Control | United Kingdom

Silke Schepelmann, Principal Scientist, National Institute for Biological Standards and Control

Dr Silke Schepelmann joined NIBSC in 2008. She is a Principal Scientist in the live viral vaccines sections of the Division of Virology and heads a group of scientists and post-doctoral scientists. Before working at NIBSC, Silke was a post-doc at the Royal Free & University College London Medical School and at The Institute of Cancer Research in London. Her research interests include:

  •          viral vaccines
  •          the characterisation of mumps vaccines and models for mumps virus growth
  •          investigations of public health issues related to live viral vaccines
  •          next generation sequencing of viral vaccines
Silke is on the European pharmacopoeia group 15 of experts that deals with human vaccines.  She is also an elected member of the advisory group of the European OCABR network for human biologicals.  


Oct 31st Day 3 @ 15:00

Eliminating (or Eradicating) Global Infectious Diseases

  • Key targets- Polio, Measles
  • What’s the vaccinations strategy once a disease is eradicated?
  • Plans in place for developing countries?
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