Sarah Gilbert | Professor Of Vaccinology
University of Oxford | United Kingdom

Sarah Gilbert, Professor Of Vaccinology, University of Oxford

Professor Sarah Gilbert leads the Jenner Institute’s influenza vaccine programme and has completed the first clinical efficacy study of an influenza vaccine designed to work through cellular immunity, in which vaccine efficacy and a protective T cell phenotype was demonstrated. 
The Jenner Institute within Oxford University Nuffield Department of Medicine is partnered with the Pirbright Institute and the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency to share vaccine development expertise across human and veterinary vaccinology. Twenty six Jenner Investigators, all Principal Investigators leading their own research groups, are based in Oxford, Pirbright, or AHVLA.
As pre-clinical programme manager for the Wellcome Trust Strategic Award to the Jenner Institute Prof Gilbert leads four core facilities to provide recombinant viral vectors, adjuvants immunomonitoring and transcriptomics expertise to all Jenner Investigators. She is expert in all aspects of viral vectored vaccine development from design, through construction, quality control, pre-clinical testing, GMP manufacturing, regulatory and ethical applications to Phase I and II clinical trials.


Oct 30th Day 2 @ 10:05

MERS and Lassa vaccines development

last published: 19/Sep/19 13:06 GMT

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