Dr Peter Daszak | President
Ecohealth Alliance Inc.

Dr Peter Daszak, President, Ecohealth Alliance Inc.

Dr. Peter Daszak, president of EcoHealth Alliance, is a leader in the field of conservation medicine and a respected disease ecologist. EcoHealth Alliance is a global organization dedicated to innovative conservation science linking ecology and the health of humans and wildlife. EcoHealth Alliance’s mission is to provide scientists and educators with support for grassroots conservation efforts in 20 high-biodiversity countries in North America, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.Nine years ago Dr. Daszak became the Executive Director of EcoHealth Alliance’s Consortium for Conservation Medicine (CCM) – a collaborative think-tank of institutions including Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, The University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, The University of Wisconsin-Madison Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine Center for Conservation Medicine, and the USGS National Wildlife Health Center. The CCM is the first formal inter-institutional partnership to link conservation and disease ecology. Dr. Daszak’s research has been instrumental in revealing and predicting the impacts of emerging diseases on wildlife, livestock, and human populations.


Day 1 Oct 10th Veterinary @ 14:45

The Global Virome Project: Bringing an end to pandemics

  • How can this global cooperative scientific reduces the risk of viral outbreaks over the next decade?
  • Challenges in doing so and hurdles needing to be overcome
  • Visionary thoughts for the future

Day 3 Oct 12th Veterinary @ 11:50

The Global Virome Project: Bringing an end to pandemics

  • Sharing progressive updates on the rapid response to quickly produce several effective vaccines
  • Challenges faced, steps taken to overcome these and thoughts for future emerging disease outbreaks.  

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