Nicola Esposito | QC Molecular Biology Assays Manager
Advaxia Biologics

Nicola Esposito, QC Molecular Biology Assays Manager, Advaxia Biologics

Dr. Nicola Esposito is an accomplished scientist with over 15 years of experience in the field of molecular biology and vaccine development.
As the QC Molecular Biology Assays Manager at ADVAXIA Biologics, Dr. Esposito leads a team responsible for new analytical method development and validation, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of molecular assays used in the quality control of viral vectors and vaccines.
His expertise spans a wide range of analytical techniques and his contributions have been pivotal in optimizing the process development and analytical methods for adenovirus-based vaccines.
Before joining ADVAXIA, Dr. Esposito earned a PhD in Medical Biotechnology followed by a Specialization in Clinical Biochemistry from the University of Naples.
His research, dedicated to Leukemia target therapy, reflects his unwavering commitment to pioneering medical solutions and transformative treatments, underscoring his passion for advancing healthcare.
Beyond his lab duties, Dr. Esposito is the author of several papers published in prestigious peer-reviewed journals and speaker at international conferences.


Day 2 - Wednesday 30th October @ 14:45

Advanced Analytical Methods to Streamline Process Development for viral-based vaccines

The pharmaceutical industry relies heavily on advanced analytical techniques to streamline drug discovery and manufacturing processes. The careful selection and planning of these techniques are crucial for product development, regulatory compliance, and overall efficiency.

In this scenario, ADVAXIA Biologics, a cGMP Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO), exemplifies how analytical methods optimization can significantly enhance and accelerate drug development from preclinical to clinical phases.

This case study will explore the pivotal role of developing and applying advanced analytical methods in pharmaceutical manufacturing, focusing on ADVAXIA Biologics' practices in GMP-enabling activities for a viral-based vaccine.

By developing, validating, and applying these methods, ADVAXIA Biologics has enhanced its production process understanding, improved product quality, ensured regulatory compliance, and increased operational efficiency.

This comprehensive approach highlights the critical role that analytical advancements play in the success of biopharmaceutical manufacturing and the overall drug development process.

last published: 10/Jul/24 14:15 GMT

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