Musa Mulongo | Senior Program Specialist
IDRC | Canada

Musa Mulongo, Senior Program Specialist, IDRC

Currently a Senior Program Specialist with the Animal Health Program at the International Development and Research Centre (IDRC), Musa is an expert in infectious disease immunology and vaccine discovery having worked in Kenya, the United Kingdom and Canada. He has extensive experience in the identification and evaluation of veterinary vaccines for both “proof-of-concept” and clinical trials for safety and immunogenicity. In his current role, he takes a leading role in identification and support of cutting edge technologies for development of innovations that are relevant to animal health in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs). Beyond financial support, the Animal Health Program at IDRC helps to deliver these innovations to low income beneficiaries through a host of mechanisms including development of appropriate public-private partnerships with a focus on specific products. Musa is passionate about new ways of accelerating the development of new products and elimination of various bottlenecks that would prevent their adoption and use in LMICs. Musa has mentored a number of post-graduate students, published scientific papers in peer reviewed journals and conducts reviews for a number of veterinary immunology journals.
Musa holds a PhD in Immunology from the Royal Veterinary College of the University of London, and a Master of Science, also in Immunology from Kenyatta University in Kenya.


Oct 31st Day 3 @ 09:40

Accelerating livestock vaccine development for LMICs; How can industry help?

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