Mikkel Nissum | R&D Quality Site Lead
GSK Vaccine | Italy

Mikkel Nissum, R&D Quality Site Lead, GSK Vaccine

Mikkel Nissum | R&D Quality Site Lead | GSK Vaccines | Italy
Mikkel has been taking on different assignments in GSK vaccines in Preclinical R&D and Technical Development . Currently, he is the R&D Quality Site Lead at GSK Vaccines. Mikkel was trained as analytical chemist and biochemist at the University of Southern Denmark, then moved to the University of Wurzburg as researcher in optical spectroscopy. Before joining GSK Vaccines in 2009, Mikkel worked in a number of biotech and medical technology companies as senior scientist and laboratory head including Becton Dickinson, Hamilton, Tecan and MWG-Biotech  


Oct 30th Day 2 @ 10:20

Affinity chromatography for vaccines purification: EU DiViNe project provides proof of concept

last published: 16/Sep/19 14:05 GMT

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