Luigi Buonaguro | Lab Director
Istituto Nazionale Tumori "Pascale"

Luigi Buonaguro, Lab Director, Istituto Nazionale Tumori

Dr. Luigi Buonaguro is the Director of the Innovative Immunological Models at the National Cancer Institute - IRCCS “Pascale ”, Naples – Italy. He is an expert in identification and characterization of tumor antigens for preventive/therapeutic cancer vaccine development. His focus is mostly on shared tumor-associated antigens for off-the-shelf vaccines. Based on this approach, he has coordinated an European Consortium for the development and clinical evaluation in a Phase I clinical trial of the HEPAVAC therapeutic cancer vaccine for primary hepatocellular carcinoma ( In parallel, he is pioneering the homology between tumor antigens (TAAs) and virus/bacteria-derived antigens (MoAs) (molecular mimicry). In particular, he is contributing to understand the role and cross-reactive potency of the immune response elicited by MoAs as anti-tumor immunity in order to develop next-generation preventive/therapeutic cancer vaccines. According to Expertscape (, he is in 1st place in Italy, 10th in Europe and among the top 30 Scientists in the World for the item "Cancer VACCINE".


Day 1 - Tuesday 29th October @ 16:15

Antigens Derived From Microorganisms Showing Molecular Mimicry Of Tumor Associated Antigens

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