Dr Kutub Mahmood | Scientific Director
Path | United States

Dr Kutub Mahmood, Scientific Director, Path

Dr. Kutub Mahmood is the Project Director of the Global Vaccine Development Project, at the nonprofit organization PATH, based in Seattle, Washington. Dr. Kutub Mahmood focuses primarily on conducting technical assessment for vaccine manufacturers and providing support to help achieve WHO pre-qualification for global supplies of vaccine products. He also works to identify potential partnerships with multinational pharmaceutical companies, biotech firms, and public/private enterprises. He has been with PATH for over 4yrs after 20 years leading viral vaccines discovery and product development efforts in private industry, with stints at Medimmune, Novavax, and Vivaldi Biosciences. Dr. Mahmood made numerous contributions to the successful development of the FluMist®, a live attenuated influenza vaccine, and VLP based vaccines for RSV and influenza viruses.


Oct 31st Day 3 @ 15:00

Eliminating (or Eradicating) Global Infectious Diseases

  • Key targets- Polio, Measles
  • What’s the vaccinations strategy once a disease is eradicated?
  • Plans in place for developing countries?
last published: 16/Sep/19 14:05 GMT

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