Kelli Aufderheide | Director of Lab Decentralized Trial Solutions
Q2 Solutions

Kelli Aufderheide, Director of Lab Decentralized Trial Solutions, Q2 Solutions

Kelli Aufderheide is a dynamic leader with more than 17 years at IQVIA Laboratories, currently serving as the Director of Decentralized Laboratory Solutions (DCT). Starting in Study Setup and moving through roles in Project Management, Project Setup, Line Management, and IT, Kelli's career reflects a passion for process and systems improvement.
As a Director of Decentralized Trial Laboratory Solution, Kelli brings a strategic approach to trial design and execution, working closely with cross-functional teams to ensure that studies are efficient, effective, and meet the needs of both sponsors and participants. Kelli is a passionate advocate for patient-centric research and is dedicated to advancing the field of decentralized trial solutions through ongoing innovation and collaboration. 
In Kelli’s current role, she oversees the development and implementation of decentralized trial laboratory solutions, ensuring that studies are conducted in compliance with regulatory requirements and industry best practices.  Kelli is recognized for her unwavering commitment to advancing the field. Her passion for process and systems improvement extends beyond the confines of her role, making her a driving force in shaping the future of decentralized laboratory solutions.


Day 1 - Tuesday 29th October @ 13:30

Vaccine Correlation using Tasso Capillary Device

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