Gráinne O'Rourke | Former Head Of Communications
Irish Cancer Society | Ireland

Gráinne O'Rourke, Former Head Of Communications, Irish Cancer Society

Gráinne O'Rourke has worked in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors over the course of a 30-year career. Gráinne worked in a variety of businesses from enterprise-creation to animation before taking on the establishment of a green-field operation in DIT, a higher education institution (now TU Dublin), in 1996. 

Given her passion to take on new challenges, Gráinne then moved to another bespoke role as Head of Marketing in the DIT Faculty of Applied Arts (later the College of Arts & Tourism). Her work there involved development of market research and marketing policy development. She also managed a number of high-level music performances and conferences including a major Higher Education conference in 2010.

Having worked in the public sector for a number of years Gráinne turned her attention to the charity sector in 2011 and took on the role of Communications Manager/Department Head at the Irish Cancer Society. The Society's approach to campaign management and delivery was significantly changed by Gráinne's leadership. In January 2017, Gráinne took on the role of Head of Communications at the Society and continued to drive and develop the external and internal strategic communications function.

Gráinne moved on from the Society in January 2019 and has been engaged in a number of projects since then, including her Board membership of the Dyslexia Association of Ireland. Gráinne has a degree in Communications: Film and Broadcasting. In addition, a great believer in life-long learning, Gráinne also has an LLB and an MA in Media Studies, both completed as part-time programmes while she was in fulltime employment.


Oct 31st Day 3 @ 09:10

Panel: Building vaccine confidence and resilient immunization systems – The role of communications

The role of communications in vaccine hesitancy andconfidence?-How can stakeholdersfrom patient advocates, journalists, healthcare providers, policymakers to industry – apply behavioral science insights to shape more effective communications around vaccination and improve vaccination acceptance?-What are the attributes of a resilient immunization system, and how can we collaborate to manage threats to vaccine confidence and better anticipate and mitigate issues in the future?
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