Cari Kessing | Director of Lab Operations
Q² Solutions

Cari Kessing, Director of Lab Operations, Q² Solutions

Cari Kessing has been serving as a Director in Vaccines Lab Operations at IQVIA Laboratories since 2022. Following her doctoral/postdoctoral training at Emory University, Vaccines and Gene Therapy Institute and Scripps Institute, she transitioned to the Vaccines industry at GSK, accruing extensive experience in development immunogenic analytical assays for GMP Vaccine testing. Her expertise encompasses immunogenicity assessment and functional cell based assays. Proficient in managing clinical lab operations teams, she integrates assay development and optimization skills to facilitate the high throughput testing with high quality execution of cell-based assays in a regulated environment supporting Phase I-III trials for many different clients. Her multidisciplinary approach spans across immunology, virology, and cell biology. 


Day 3 - Thursday 31st October @ 11:00

Capillary Devices for Sample Collection in Decentralized Vaccine Studies

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