Dr Carel van Baalen | Director R&D
Viroclinics Biosciences

Dr Carel van Baalen, Director R&D, Viroclinics Biosciences

Carel van Baalen, Director R&D Development Services Carel van Baalen was trained in immunology and virology at the University of Utrecht, and he performed his PhD studies at the department of Viroscience, Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. His studies focused on the effectiveness of HIV-specific cytotoxic T cells, which led to applications in clinical immunotherapy trials. In the framework of various subsequent projects at the interface of fundamental science and influenza vaccine trials, he has been working on the development, validation and implementation of novel assays at Viroclinics Biosciences since 2008. In addition to virus-specific serological and cellular assays, novel assays and readouts aim at monitoring virus infection, replication and cell-to-cell transmission, as well as at testing the effectiveness of novel antiviral compounds.


Day Two 11th October, Human @ 16:45

ViroSpot MN assay, a novel tool for antigenic characterization of influenza viruses and serology

- Virospot Assay platform and principles
- Application: RSV Virospot neutralization
- WHO Micro Neutralization and Virospot Micro Neutralization Assay

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