Barbara Holzer | Lead, Universal Flu Vaccine Studies
The Pirbright Institute | United Kingdom

Barbara Holzer, Lead, Universal Flu Vaccine Studies, The Pirbright Institute

Dr Holzer joined The Pirbright Institute in 2009 and has acquired extensive experience working with high-risk animal pathogens such as Rinderpest, PPRV or NSDV in large animals. She is accomplished at delineating and defining the immune response following viral infection or vaccination with veterinary-specific pathogens. Her research interests also include virus-host interactions at the molecular level and identifying viral proteins that counteract the innate and adaptive host immune system. Her recent work in Dr. Elma Tchilian’s lab focusses on B cell responses in Influenza-infected pigs, cloning and expression of porcine antibodies and studying pig Fc effector functions. Past projects involved the testing of vaccine candidates in the pig Influenza challenge model as well as studying the transmission of Influenza virus to naïve pigs.


Oct 31st Day 3 @ 12:20

Working towards a universal flu vaccine

last published: 16/Sep/19 14:05 GMT

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