Adrian Wildfire | Scientific Director - Infectious Diseases And Viral Infection Unit
SGS Life Science Services | United Kingdom

Adrian Wildfire, Scientific Director - Infectious Diseases And Viral Infection Unit, SGS Life Science Services

Adrian Wildfire, MSc, is the Project Director for Infectious Diseases / Human Challenge Unit within SGS Life Sciences and has a background in communicable diseases stretching back to 1987. He has trained and worked within the fields of bacteriology, virology, parasitology and mycology, obtaining his Fellowship in Medical Microbiology in 1990 and a Masters in Parasitology in 1998. Over 30 years he has written papers with and been employed by a range of infectious disease KoLs in tuberculosis, HIV, the hepatides and influenza / URTIs at various hospitals, institutions and CROs. These include the Royal Postgraduate Medical School (Imperial College), the St. Stephen’s Centre (Chelsea and Westminster Hospital) and Retroscreen


Oct 30th Day 2 @ 15:35

When preparation meets opportunity: reducing the odds of failure in Late Phase

last published: 19/Sep/19 13:06 GMT

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