Adam Buckley | Vice President Business Development
VBI Vaccines | United States

Adam Buckley, Vice President Business Development, VBI Vaccines

Adam Buckley, Vice President, Business Development
In 2001, Mr. Buckley co-founded VBI. His efforts included attracting seed capital to VBI, developing its first business plan, protecting intellectual property and structuring the company. He had an active role in the company’s Series A and public financings, which have raised over $50 million (U.S.). for VBI’s operations.  Adam has led several key technology acquisitions for the company including the acquisition of Epixis S.A. which included VBI’s eVLP vaccine platform. Mr. Buckley obtained his M.B.A. and Bachelor of Science in Biology and Psychology at McMaster University in Canada. 


Oct 29th Day 1 @ 17:45

eVLPs as an antigen delivery & immunomodulatory platform in cancer

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