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Infectious Diseases Hub ( is a free-to-access website open to all researchers, students and anyone else who might have an interest in the many aspects of microbiology and virology. We offer easy access to breaking news, interviews, opinion pieces, peer-reviewed articles and multimedia features, with a strong focus on the rising issue of antimicrobial resistance.
Powered by Future Science Group (, the site gives its members free access to peer-reviewed articles, normally at a premium, from titles such as Future Microbiology and Future Virology. In addition, we work hard to provide engaging, exclusive content – from infographics to interviews – on the topics that interest you.
Infectious disease is such a diverse and exciting area, and with the emergence of new technologies giving us the ability to study complex communities and rapidly sequence whole genomes, there has been something of a ‘revolution’. Keeping on top of such technological advances and the latest emerging diseases is at the heart of Infectious Diseases Hub, and you can take a look at up-to-date news and information on the site now.