Venetas Consultants Ltd


Venetas Consultants Limited is a specialist consultancy founded by vaccine experts.  It comprises a comprehensive and complementary team of vaccine consultants, each with decades of vaccine research, process development, shop-floor manufacturing, regulatory and clinical experience.  We work with clients including researchers, funders, developers, manufacturers, banks and investors.  Venetas was founded in 2018, in response to a lack of available and comprehensive help with developing and funding vaccines.  The founders worked for many years as independent consultants, and later established Venetas not only to service their immediate clients’ needs but also to manage more ambitious and larger projects together.  The Venetas team brings a combined >100 years’ experience to develop vaccines for international markets, and to use their highly-complementary skill sets to satisfy the specific requirements of private and public entities.  Their network of expert consultants provides additional know-how covering all aspects of vaccine development and manufacturing.  Strongly believing that the best work happens when people are enthusiastic and motivated, they have hand-picked colleagues with a love of both formal vaccine development and of informal esoteric discussions.  In summary, Venetas can provide you with multiple expert vaccine consultants, who will provide state-of-the-art expertise tailored to your precise needs.