Two Oceans In Health


Two Oceans in Health (2OiH) is a Dominican global health research enterprise, founded and led by recognized public health scientist, incorporating top-level academic background and methodological rigor, with decades of research experience focused on different levels of the Dominican health system, clinical research and related medical education activities.


Since its foundation in 2018, the 2OiH team has conducted a large body of studies based on different research methodologies, counting with access to state-of-the art platforms and resources to support these activities. We belong to the international REDCap Consortium, (, and are accredited to use this HIPAA compliant web application for building, managing and secure sharing of research data. We also count withe an internationally accredited Institutional Review Board (IRB FWA00031272) which oversees all 2OiH research and data collection activities, ensuring full compliance with local and international ethical standards.


In addition to extensive public health research experience, our team has participated in important local and international clinical research, generating break-through evidence to support COVID-19 response and decision making, such as recently published study on Neutralizing antibodies against the SARS-CoV-2 Delta and Omicron variants following heterologous CoronaVac plus BNT162b2 boostervaccination, developed as a collaborative effort between the DR Government and Yale University (Perez-Then et al., 2022.