SilicoGenesis is your partner for in-silico discovery and optimisation of antibodies, biologics and proteins.  We have assisted pharmaceutical companies and biotechs across a range of protein engineering and drug discovery programs using our cutting-edge technology.  Our state-of-the-art AI/ML algorithms, coupled with in-silico pipelines and workflows, enables us to rapidly develop new therapeutic lead molecules.

Our technology covers the full scope of the pre-clinical drug discovery pipeline, including discovery and de novo design, structure prediction and characterisation, affinity maturation and optimisation, cross-species reactivity analysis, humanisation of antibody sequences and developability assessment and optimisation. 

Our scalable cloud-based software platform integrates our machine learning models, workflows and pipelines with visualisation and project management functionality to operate at speed and scale. Following best practices for software development, optimised compute infrastructure, data management and security, our platform enables the rapid development of biologics-based therapeutics.

Our team combines expertise from various disciplines including machine learning and artificial intelligence, data science, biochemistry, computational biology and software engineering. Coupled with our technology and platform, our team is ready and capable to assist you to develop better biologics faster.