ReNewVax Ltd. is developing next-generation bacterial vaccines using a platform technology based on genome-wide association studies. Our lead program, RVX-001, is focused on development of a vaccine targeted at a bacterium called Streptococcus pneumoniae, also commonly known as pneumococcus, one of the leading causes of infectious diseases around the world. While existing vaccines have proven to be effective at reducing the global burden of pneumococcal disease, they rely on technology that makes them expensive to manufacture and limits their ability to protect against the more than 100 pneumococcal variants. Supported by research funding totalling £1.8M, we have successfully developed a vaccine formulation that addresses the limitations of existing pneumococcal vaccines. We postulated that a more cost-effective, universal vaccine must contain fewer components that are found in all pneumococcal variants. Our investigations have led to the formulation of a novel vaccine candidate, RVX-001, which contains only a few immunogenic components but with the potential to target all pneumococcus variants. ReNewVax Ltd. is progressing our vaccine technology towards clinical studies and would be happy to talk with partners or investors who are keen to support our mission.