RD-Biotech is a leading French company specialized in the supply of plasmid DNA, recombinant antibodies & associated fragments as well as monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins.

As a global CRO/CDMO, RD-Biotech is a one stop shop partner in the supply of plasmid DNA (construction & production) from R&D grade (discovery/preclinical) to “High Quality Grade” (phase 1 / 2 use in the production of ATMPs) as well as GMP grade (for phase 3 – commercial phase). We are supporting numerous companies in the cell and gene therapy market (viral vector, CAR-T, mRNA…)

RD-Biotech is also a key player in antibody engineering, from hybridoma production to antibody sequencing and recombinant expression. Our team has deep expertise in therapeutic antibody development, and we partner with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies around the world to produce antibodies in a wide range of formats.

RD-Biotech is an experienced and reliable partner to fast track your preclinical projects to the clinic!